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Essay about Ponyboy

Ponyboy and Sodapop shouldn’t be separated from Darry Curtis because then again Darry has been looking after the boys ever since their parents passed away. Darry looks after his younger brothers and supports them by working two jobs. He makes good at both of them. The home the boys stay at is well cleaned for boys, their nice and healthy, and connect with each other mainly because their siblings and siblings have a stronger connection with each other. If you separate the boys from each other it would devastate them because they've worked so hard to stay together and now your trying to separate them.
Darry is more than a brother, he's like a father to Ponyboy. I say this because in the story The Outsiders it says “I make good grades and have a high IQ”(4). This proves that Ponyboy is doing well in school with Darry and Sodapop as his guardians. Darry and Soda stay on top of Pony to make sure he keeps his grades up so he doesn’t become a dropout and still has a chance to go to college. Because of his brothers staying on top of him he gets honor roll and has always gotten it. Ponyboy also has a good athletic record in track.
Darry and Pony have a good connection with each other. To prove this statement is true, In the book The Outsiders it says " Pony where have you you been all this time?” he meant “Pony, you’ve scared me to death. Please be careful, because I couldn’t stand if anything happened to you.” This proves that Pony and Darry have a strong connection but see it from two different point of views. What this means is that Darry might say “ why haven’t you done your homework, you better do it right now” and Pony might think he sounds rude or bossy, but Darry actually means “Pony please do your homework I don’t want you to fail a class and then become a drop out”.
Rebutteled: What about Ponyboy being there during the murder of Bob Sheldon?
Your right Ponyboy was there during the murder of Bob Sheldon but let me rephrase what you said. Ponyboy and his friend Johnny were minding their own business walking back home and Bob and his group of friends decided to show up drunk looking for a fight. It so happened to be Pony and Johnny. It all was self defense. I say it was self defense because as Bob and his friends decided to try to drown Ponyboy in a fountain leaving Johnny trying to help his friend. As this all was taking place, so many things were going through Johnny's head and he obviously killed Bob but only to help his friend who could have been drowned.
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